Corona Virus Information

Wear a mask if you have fever or cough cold symptoms

If you forget your mask we can give you one.

You may be asked to wait in your car.

If you have COVID please book a phone consultation instead of coming to the clinic. This will keep our vulnerable patients safe.

-Chills or sweats
-Sore throat
-Shortness of breath
-Runny nose
-Loss of sense of smell or taste.

-Have no symptoms but have been to a declared Outbreak/Hot spot zone?

Please contact the clinic prior to your appointment, Always stay in you car and wear a mask. 

If you need a Corona virus test please attend the public available testing clinics – LINK

If you have been in contact with a corona virus case and have become unwell, ring the DHS Victoria 24 hour helpline for advice 1800 675 398.

Corona Virus Information

Daily Updates available at DHHS Victoria – LINK

What is it? – A strain of Virus from China (Wuhan City) that is causing Sore Throat, Fever, Cough and Shortness of breath and can cause death (1%).

How do you catch it? – Transmission by fluid droplets when coughing, can be also from contaminated door handles, tissues etc. It is highly contagious. Asymptomatic spread is known to occur.

How can you protect yourself?– Washing hands, not touching your nose, face, using alcohol rubs. Wear a face covering in public.
Isolate if you have symptoms. Get yourself vaccinated if you qualify- LINK

What should I do if I think I may have Corona virus? – Stay at home and ring the 24 hr DHHS help line – 1800 675 398 or make a telehealth appointment with us and keep others safe/stop the spread.