Want to lose weight fast? Safe, rapid weight loss is possible.

Waverley GP is pleased to offer a Medically supervised rapid weight loss program.




Elina Medical Weight Loss Clinic


Is rapid weight loss safe?

Yes, by using effective, medically supervised , evidenced programs you can lose approximately 1-2kg per week.  The key to rapid  weight loss is appetite and hunger suppression using your own natural appetite suppressing hormones.

Why can I lose weight but just can't seem to keep it off?

You cant just decide to sweat, or increase your heart rate or switch off  your digestive tract at will. Your body has internal , automatic processes to control and regulate many systems to keep you alive and functioning. Contrary to popular belief , the current evidence confirms that like you heart rate and sweat response , you have no direct control over the regulation of your weight. You can work hard to lose weight but your brain will very quickly force your weight back up to where it feels it belongs.

Your brain has a predetermined weight set point. Whenever you try to lose weight, you brain will jump to action to protect this  weight by triggering intense hunger, triggering cravings and  behavioural change while making your muscles so efficient that your weight rapidly returns to its "normal".  This explains why members of the same household, sharing the same food and activity can have vastly different


Can I reset my set point so I can keep weight off?

The short answer is not easily. More importantly you can use simple well researched techniques to trick the brain to either  accept a lower set point or delay or reduce the drive to return your weight to it's  set point. This allows you to stay on top of your set point drive in the long term. In addition,  medications are available to assist weight maintenance for those with a very aggressive set point drive.

At Elina Medical Weight loss, our 3 step program and educational modules as designed to help you not only to  lose weight but more importantly to keep the weight off.

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