Vitamin B3 and preventing miscarriage – Caution urged.

What you need to know.


  • The Victor Chang Institute is doing some wonderful research into preventing miscarriages.
  • They have found clear evidence that Vit B3 can prevent some miscarriages and birth defects in MICE.
  • There is currently no definite evidence that this will also prevent miscarriages and birth defects in HUMANS
  • High doses of Vit B3 may even be harmful in humans.
  • Further research is currently being done and human trials are planned to answer these questions.
  • Until the human trials are completed, it is advised that women planning pregnancy or are pregnant should take their usual pregnancy multivitamins including particularly Folate and eat a healthy balanced diet.
  • Most of these pregnancy multivitamins already contain a small amount of Vitamin B3
  • This is exciting and cutting edge research!

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