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We have multiple  clinics running and you can choose to book in any of the clinics. The  vaccine appointments are bulk billed and the vaccine is free. You can book 1st  and 2nd doses. Booster Doses are available

- 1st Booster for 16 and over - 3 months after 2nd primary course dose

-2nd Booster (Winter  Booster) - 4 months after your first booster and qualifying criteria apply -

An additional booster dose, or ‘winter dose’, is recommended for people at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 who have already had their first booster dose.
If it has been 4 months since your first booster dose and you fit into one of the below categories, you should book an appointment to have another booster dose as soon as possible before or during winter:

65 years or older
a resident of an aged care or disability care facility
severely immunocompromised
Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and aged 50 years and older.

Only patients with Medicare cards  can be offered the vaccine at our clinic . Patients with no Medicare or DVA can attend a vaccination hub to get the  vaccine.

Booster doses are only approved for over 16yo's.

Novavax will be available end of Feb 22, No exact ETA is available.


For further information about the vaccine and availability please check out COVAX information page -





Note: A Booster dose is NOT approved for UNDER 16yo as at 7/2/2022

We recommend Pfizer for all booster doses but you can choose to have AstraZeneca on the day if  you prefer.


Adult & Child Bookings