Covid Vaccine Booking Page (AstraZeneca)


NOTE - Due to lack of demand we no longer have dedicated AstraZeneca  vaccine sessions. Please call the clinic to book an AZ appointment.

We have the vaccine available for patients who prefer this to Pfizer vaccine.

The  COVID vaccine clinic appointments are bulk billed and the vaccine is free.

Each appointment is 5 mins duration. You will need to wait 15mins at the clinic to be monitored after the vaccine.

Only patients with medicare cards who are regular patients of the clinic can be offered the vaccine. Mass vaccination hubs are available around Melbourne for patients who don't have Medicare cards or who don't have a regular GP.



You must NOT have the flu vaccine or any other vaccine within 1  week prior to the  COVID vaccine.  If you get the flu vaccine first, you must wait 1 week before  you can get  your COVID vaccine.

If you are unsure, please call the clinic. Please fill our vaccine consent form at lease 24 hours prior to the appointment.

For further information about the vaccine and availability please check out COVAX information page -