Welcome Ms Mini Gupta- “All Ears Hearing” Audiologist

We are pleased to welcome Mini to our team at Waverley GP



Mini is Audiology Australia accredited audiologist and has a speech therapist qualification too. She is a member of Independent Audiologists Australia and abides by the working ethics of the organisation. She also provides services under National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Mini has over 13 years of working experience in the field of diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology. She possesses a Master’s degree in Audiology and a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Therapy & Audiology. Her goal is to provide comprehensive audiological services that would exceed all other services currently available in the area of hearing healthcare.
Her background includes a wide range of clinical work in different audiology clinics around Melbourne. She has also worked at the Cochlear Implant Clinic at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear hospital where she further specialised as a Cochlear Implant Audiologist. With all these years of clinical experience she has developed the expertise in planning an individualised auditory rehabilitation plan for her patients according to their age, needs and severity of hearing loss.
Mini’s multifaceted approach to hearing health care involves not only a medical component in diagnosing and monitoring hearing loss, the health of outer and middle ear, but also rehabilitative components of living with a hearing loss. Such therapies include fitting hearing aids and assistive devices, social and aural therapy as well as auditory processing therapy, noise protection and prevention of further hearing loss

She needs a referral from your GP but can help anyone from infant to elderly and is available Wednesdays - Call 98028155 for an appointment.

-Medicare Bulk Billing (conditions apply)

-Infant and kids hearing checks

-Free Hearing Aids for Pensioners and Veterans (Conditions apply)