2018 Influenza Vaccines Now Available

The 2018 Flu vaccines have arrived  at WaverleyGP.

The following patients are eligible for the Free flu vaccine-

  • All kids  from age 6 months to under 5 years old
  • All patients over 65 years of age
  • Pregnant women (at any stage of preg)
  • Anyone with a medical risk of increased complications from contracting the Flu (asthma, diabetes, heart disease etc..)

When to get the jab

The best time to get the flu jab can be difficult to predict because the peak period of flu activity varies year by year.

This is important because research shows the effectiveness of the flu vaccine may begin to wane after three to four months.

It's a trade-off really, between getting the  immunity early but not missing peak flu activity

Both the AMA and RACGP  say the best time to get the flu shot is towards the end of April and into the beginning the May.

Please contact WaverleyGP to book into one of our Bulk Billed flu vaccine clinics.

Ph 9802 8155